How many days are required to explore the Sundarbans properly?

Planning a Sundarban trip depends on how much one can dedicate to the journey. You can tailor the trip according to your travel time or holidays. Most people plan short trips from Kolkata to Sundarban during weekends so they can go back to their normal life with a refreshing mind and soul. Not to mention, weekend trips to Sundarban are quicker and more cost-effective. But if you have enough time and you like being amongst nature, will you not consider an extended Sundarban travel? Of course, you will! That’s why you should not be rigid while looking for the best Sundarban tour packages.

Checklist for Sundarban Tour

Before booking a tour package, check out what they are offering.

  • Make sure the package you are selecting is within your holiday range. For three day, two nights tour, check whether the tour facility is covering Sundarban and its nearby regions in the given timeline.
  • Check out if your travel package is covering a pickup and drop facility from your city (preferably Kolkata or Canning). Also, make sure this aligns with your timeline.
  • Sundarban travel packages generally have local guides; check out if your travel package has that facility or not.
  • Make sure you contact the local tour operator about your resort booking.

Search online for a Sundarban tour package to get better results. Generally, most tour packages offer:

  • One night two days trip
  • Two nights three days trip
  • Three nights four days trip

There are various good Sundarban tour operators who offer customised trip plans for travellers. Before you are all in with the idea of exploring the green forests of Sundarban, check out all the possible customisable tour arrangements and make an informed decision.

How many days are needed to explore Sundarban?

Honestly, no one can calculate the days for organising the best trip to Sundarban. But since it is a travel plan, the more days, the better the journey gets! Connect with a local tour operator who will design the best Sundarban itinerary for you in a short span of time.

If you want to discover the region’s demographic distinctiveness, the number of days necessary for exploring the Mangrove Forest area may not be enough. Observing wildlife isn’t enough in this place. You may like visiting adjacent villages to learn about the local culture or purchasing a gift from the area. For example, if you want to explore the wildlife from the watchtower, you may have to wait a little longer. You cannot expect wild creatures to move around as per your time schedule, right? So, hang in there, and if you’re lucky, you may even witness the Royal Bengal Tiger, for which Sundarban is quite famous. The chances of discovering the main attraction of the Mangrove Forest are rare, but if you have days in your hand, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. So the date and duration of your Sundarban tour are irrelevant. However, rigorous itinerary preparation is the best way to enjoy the Sundarban vacation you have planned. 

Nevertheless, for photographic excursions, a 2-3-day timeframe may not yield the greatest results. You can ask your Sundarban tour operator to organise a customised Sundarban photography trip package.

But, if you want to visit the main attractions of Sundarban, a two-night, three-day trip is an appropriate amount of time to enjoy the destination’s colourful mood.

Best tourist attractions in Sundarban

Sundarban is the largest delta in the world that features expansive mangrove forests. Other than the Royal Bengal Tiger, these forests of Sundarban are the home of various wild creatures, including crocodiles, different bird species and more. You can also witness the 360-degree view of this beautiful green retreat from the watch towers that Sundarban has to offer. Visiting Sundarban is a treat for nature lovers. The major attractions of this place are as follows:

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

A significant watchtower in the Sunderban is the Sajnekhali watch tower. It has all of the vibe of the other skyscrapers with additional highlights. It is where you may see the world-famous Royal Bengal Tiger species, as well as some gigantic crocodiles in action. There is also an opportunity to satisfy your thrilled animal enthusiast tourists’ curiosity at the park and crocodile museum on the premises. The place features various intriguing details. There’s also a traditional Bonobibi temple on the premises.

Watch Tower:Sudhanyakhali

You can move ahead to the Sundhyakhali watchtower to spot the tigers in the area while relaxing along your journey. It is one of the best places in Sundarbans to get a glance of the Royal Bengal Tigers, which are the main attractions of the area. If you go deeper, you will get to see other wildlife, if you’re lucky. The tower captures lush greenery around that you don’t find in the cities these days, along with various species of birds. The song “All Along the Watchtower” will definitely be your jam when you’re up here!

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is among the best attractions of Sundarban. If you’re on vacation, this is an excellent area to go for a walk-through. You’d have beautiful views of the Gomti and Peechkali. Herons, Egrets and other similar bird species are sited at their gloriest beauty. This location is also sanitary and healthful for you, as well as environmentally beneficial. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is located near the Lordly Tiger Sanctuary, its sibling animal sanctuary.


Adding Netidhopani to the Sundarban itinerary will complete your travel package. The place features a stunning picture-worthy lake and a ground where remnants of historic structures are present. More specifically, Netidhopani has temple ruins that are more than a hundred years old and achieved almost pilgrim status as many people come and visit the place. So, if you thought Sunderbans was all about tigers, it’s time to rethink.

The Forest (Sundarbans)

The forest of Sundarbans become a famous tourist in the late 90s. Sunderbans is considered a wildlife treasure as it houses n number of magnificent fauna. Tourists come to this place to experience the wildlife at a closer distance and make memories for a lifetime. It is a meadow where land submerges into the water and is known primarily for its vast and breathtaking birds and tiger reserves. Both reserves are built at the heart of the forest. Tucked in the southmost Bengal, the forest of Sundarbans is one of the prime tourist spots in India.

Wrapping up

The greenest, most clean, and most unusual tourist site in the lap of Bengal is Sunderbans. Sheltered by massive trees, it is a perfect blend of different shades of greens. It’s clean and invigorating, and you can tell as soon as you take a breath. And it’s marvellously unusual and fantastic since not every tourist destination can provide watchtowers, crocodiles, birds and even tigers over forests instead of nightclubs and cities hullabaloo. Book a tour package with the best Sundarban tour operators and explore this green miracle in the comfort of your pocket.

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