Sundarban Day Tour [ Very Easy To Booking ]

Can I visit Sunderban a day?

Is it possible to travel through the Sundarbans in one day? The answer to this question is yes. To do a day tour of the Sundarbans, you must book the boat personally. And there will be no guests on this boat other than the people you bring. This means you have to do this day tour personally. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a short time and get a quiet rural environment where you can see the natural beauty of rivers and forests, then you must come for a day trip to the Sundarbans. And you should know that this is going to be the best trip of your life because only on this one-day trip to Sundarban will you get to see the beauty of nature through a boat trip along with the mysterious wild animals in the midst of nature. There is also the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, go sightseeing, and make your travel stories memorable forever. So why the delay? Backpacks ready, go out. And if you feel like a bit more time, you can check out our 1 night, 2 days, or 3 days, 2 nights tour packages.

Sundarban Day Trip

Is it possible to cover all the routes of Sundarbans in one day?

Is it possible to travel all routes in the Sundarbans in one day? The answer is no. There are many routes in the Sundarbans on which you can complete three routes: Sajnekhali Forest, Sudhanya Khali Forest, and Dobanki Forest. All these routes are in the inner part of the Sundarbans jungle, where there is a chance to see animals; the rest depends on your luck. And if you want to complete all these routes in one day, you have to start this trip early in the morning.

What is the cost of the day tour?

If you come on our sharing tour, then it will be Rs. 2000 per head, and if you book a private boat by yourself, meaning there will be no other customers on that boat, then you have to talk to the travel agent and book the tour.

Is it possible to see animals on a 1-day tour?

Yes, it is possible on the Sundarbans 1-day tour, and we can reach those places in the jungle where there is a chance to see the animals. The rest depends on your luck.

Sundarbans 1 Day Tour Itinerary 

From Canning, by auto, to Sonakhali Launch Ghat; from there, by boat, to Gosba Island Here we have to see Rabindranath Tagore’s bungalow house and Hamilton Sahib’s bungalow house, then again we will go by boat to Sojnekhali Watch Tower (Crocodile Project), Sudhanya Khali Watch Tower, Pirkhali Forest, and Gazikhali Forest, then we will come back.

Tour Facility

All meals are as per taste. A car will be provided from Canning or Kolkata, a boat for the Sundarban jungle tour, government permission, and a government guide who will inform us about the Sundarbans.

Banned during travel?

Don’t drink alcohol, don’t carry plastic, don’t play music, and keep silent.

Our Mission

  • Perfect & memorable tourism package
  • Delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian foods as per customer’s choice
  • Knowledgeable travel guides so that we don’t miss out on anything
  • Proper security of tourists. Don’t worry, we will not take any risk. We promise your safety
Sundarban Tourism


Is 1 day enough for Sundarban?

In answer to this we will tell you that no, because it is not possible to see everything well in 1 day trip.  It is a very fast paced journey where not everything can be properly explained.

Do government permits are required for 1-day trips?

Yes, it is mandatory. You have to pay the full entry fee whether you go inside more or less of the Sundarbans jungle. And this entry fee is Rs 200 per head for Indians and Rs 350 for foreigners.

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