The Best Tourist Places in Kolkata Don’t Miss Out on This?

Popular as the “City of Joy”, Kolkata is full of diversity and culture. Every year, the city attracts many people from various places in India and the world. The city has a combination rather fusion of traditional and modern elegance. It is a treasure trove of colonial architecture and a symbol of flourishing culture. From the narrow streets of the city to the massive monuments, everything has a unique touch of the city’s culture and aesthetics in some or the other way. 

When it comes to exploring the city of Kolkata, it has a lot to offer. And to help you have a comprehensive checklist for your visit to the cultural capital of India, here is an elaborate blog. 

Check the places and their offerings, and get set to pack your bags to start your expedition!

Different Tourist Spot in and Nearby Kolkata

Sundarban Region

The Sundarban delta region is one of the famous and popular tourist spots for the people of Kolkata or outside. The place is full of natural beauty with tall trees, empty islands and streams. The combination of high and low tides and the dense mangrove forests make it an ideal holiday destination. Sundarban has many tiger reserves where tigers roam freely. The livelihood of people in Sundarban depends on collecting and selling things like fish, wood, honey, and crabs. The wildlife sanctuary at Sundarban has the UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1997. The Royal Bengal tiger is the most iconic resident and the main attraction for tourists in Sundarbans. Other tourist spots are Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Do Ban Ki Watch Tower, and Netidhopani Watch Tower.

Victoria Memorial 

Victoria Memorial is in the centre of Kolkata in West Bengal. It is a part of colonial architecture during the British rule in India. It was built by the British Empire as a sign of their twenty-five years of rule in India. It is made up of white marble. Many statues and sculptures are there throughout the sixty-four acres of garden. This garden surrounds the memorial building. Increasing the appeal and majesty of the entire complex, there is a sixteen-foot-tall bronze statue of victory. The statue is situated at the top of the memorial and supported by ball bearings. An extra treat to be noticed is the nighttime Sound and Light performances. The tourist hoping to experience the spirit of the Victorian era in the present day must go to this location and experience it.

Indian Museum 

The Indian Museum is the largest in India and is the tenth oldest museum in the world. This well-curated place has been a den for interdisciplinary research since its foundation in 1814. The Indian Museum is called “Jadughar” because it has the best collection of antique sculptures, buddha relics, Egyptian mummies, and some modern paintings. The Indian Museum also has a unique and marvellous collection of armour, skeletons, fossils, jewellery, and art of the Mughal era.

Paul’s Cathedral 

St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral is part of the Church of North India (CNI). For people who want to enjoy fascinating historical and architectural experiences while on vacation, you must visit this place. This huge church building in the city’s centre will give you a feeling that you are transported in the colonial era. This is one of the top five destinations that tourists simply must see when they visit Kolkata. The place looks most stunning during the Christmas season. At Christmas, the neighbouring streets, the cathedral, and the garden are all illuminated with lights. 


Situated on the serene Bay of Bengal coast, only 170 kilometres from Kolkata, Tajpur is a small town between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. The beach present in this little town is regarded as a tranquil secret of West Bengal as it is mostly hidden from view and unspoiled by overcrowding. The hundreds of red crabs that line the coastlines give it the ideal crimson hue. The place has the ideal diversion from the rush of daily life because it is peaceful and devoid of turmoil and noise. And don’t forget to relish the lip-smacking seafood the place has to offer. 

Jorasanko Thakur Bari

The ancestral home of the Tagore family is situated in Jorasanko, which is in the northern part of the city. It is known by its Bengali name, the Jorasanko Thakur Bari. For those who adore history and Bengali literature, this is a fascinating and entertaining location. The 700 paintings displayed in this historic home draw a lot of attention from guests. Their fascination is heightened by the handwritten invitation to Rabindranath Tagore’s wedding. The museum in the house has three galleries, books, manuscripts, and other antiquated objects. The place is decorated during Rabindra Jayanti and Holi.

Eco-Tourism Park

Kolkata’s Eco-Tourism Park is a sizable urban park created to encourage eco-tourism. The park covers 475 acres of land, which is why it is India’s largest urban park. A body of water around the park, forming an island in the centre, adds charm to the location. This park is great for a quick visit and a picnic spot. The peaceful scenery is an ideal getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors. To avoid pollution and maintain the park’s natural setting, the Government of West Bengal has appointed an expert team. You can even enjoy a staycation at the resort within the property and explore the property by making it your home for a couple of days. 


Kolkata remains the symbol of rich heritage and cultural beauty in India. Once you have experienced Kolkata’s busy streets, impressive buildings, and friendly residents, you’ll definitely agree that the city deserves its reputation as one of India’s most charming travel destinations. So gather your belongings and come to Kolkata, the City of Joy. 

When visiting this magnificent city, you should make it a priority to visit the awe-inspiring places around the city, including Sunderbans. The meadows of mangroves are sure to captivate your senses, and of course, if you get lucky, you may even get the chance to watch the Royal Bengal Tiger in all its glory. 

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