2-Nights 3-Days Tour Programme In Sundarbans

Compleate Tour Guide


7:42 AM – you have to come to Canning by local train from Sealdah, and it will take 1 hour, 10 minutes.
9:00PM – In Canning you will meet our tour manager, and from here you will be taken to Gadkhali boat ghat by local means of transport. Or if any tourist thinks that he or she will come by his or her own car by road, he or she can come upto the Gadkhali boat ghat.
10:00 AM – Our tour packages will start by boat.
11:00 AM – After boating for about two hours, we will reach Gosaba and visit the bungalows of Rabindranath Tagore and Mr. Hamilton Saheb on foot.
12 PM to 2 PM – We will visit small villages in the Sundarbans and try to learn about the livelihoods, local customs and beliefs of the people who live here.
2 PM to 5 PM – We will look for mud fish and small red crabs. They are very small in size, and they make small holes for themselves in the muddy ground. Whenever a tourist passes in front of them, they enter the hole. And before sunset we will leave for the hotel.
7:00 PM – An adventure evening with local folk musicians in the hotel courtyard.
10:00 PM – Dinner will be served to tourists in the hotel dining hall, and the rest of the day’s food will be given to the tourists in the houseboat.

DAY – 2

6:30 – Tea biscuits will be provided in each tourists hotel room. And they will be asked to leave the hotel room by seven am and reach the houseboat.
7:00 – we will collect permission from the forest department to enter the Sundarban deep forest with a government tour guide.
7:30 to 4:00 pm – This boat trip will continue until before the sunset. And during this tour we will complete three watchtowers like Sajhnekhali, Sudhannyakhali, Do-banki. With some small river channels, like pirkhali gajikhali, bonobibi vharani. And through all these Sundarban sight scenes we can see different species of birds, spotted dear, crocodile, monitor, and, if you are lucky, you will see a royal Bengal tiger.
4:30 PM – We will try to watch the sunset along the middle of the river.
5:30 – We will come back in the hotel room.
7:00 PM – Brun chickens or fish through a campfire and eat them if tourists like it.
9:30 PM – We offer a scandal dinner for the tourists to have a better time in this pocket-friendly tour package.

DAY – 3

This is our last day of the  2-night, 3-day friendly tour package in Sundarban. Therefore, we will try to get out of the hotel as soon as possible. And we will travel again to the Sundarban with the permission of the forest department. And on this last day in the Sundarbans, we will visit Pacchamukhani and Jharkhali which is known as the tiger project.

Panchmukhani means – here the five rivers merge in one place from where these five rivers can be seen very well.

Jharkhali is known as the get-way to the most popular sundarbans after Canning and gadkhali. Jharkhali is an attractive tourist island in the Sundarbans. There are many tourists who visit the Sundarban almost every year and they try to see the king tiger of the Sundarban national park, but they are disappointed not to see it. So, at the initiative of the government of India, a park was created at Jharkhali called tiger project. A Royal Bengal tiger can be seen here all the time.

Types of Tours

There are two types of this Tours. Group tour packages and private packages.

Group tour – gathering a lot of tourists who come from different places. Such as a family from Delhi, a family from Kolkata, a family from Pune, in this way, our company provides Sundarban group tour by bringing together many tourists.

Private tour – you can do the private tour anytime because this private tour cost is very high. And this private tour is great if you have at least four people.

Included these tours

  1. All meals
  2. local transport
  3. Houseboat
  4. local folk musicians
  5. Forest permission
  6. Hotel room
  7. Campfire

Complete Travel Route

Gadkhali, Gosaba forest, Rabindranath Tagore & Hamilton Saheb Bungalow,  Bird Forest, Pakhiralay. 

Sajhnekhali watch tower, Sudhannyakhali watch tower, Do-banki watch tower, Pirkhali Island, Gajikhali, Bonbibi varani,

Panchmukhani, Jharkhali tiger project.

Complete Food Menu

Morning Tiffin – Luchi, allor dum, sweet, tea.
At noon snacks – small fish fry Or Veg,
Lunch – Rice, Dal, Patal fried, Veg curry, Fish Curry or Veg Pannier, Papad, Chutney, Salad,
Food – Orange or Banana
Afternoon – Tea & biscuits
Evening – Egg Chow mine & coffee
Dinner – Fried Rice, Chicken Or veg Pannier, Salad,

Early morning – Bed Tea with Biscuits
Morning Tiffin – Aloo Parota, Channa Masala, Boiled Egg, Tea,
At noon snacks – French fries
Lunch – Zira rice, Dal, Chips, Veg, Fish Curry Or Veg Pannier, Chutney, Salad, Papad
Food – Apple
Afternoon – Tea with biscuit
6:30 PM Snacks – Chicken Pakoda, Coffee,
10:00 PM Dinner – Chicken biriyani.

Next morning – Bed Tea with Biscuits
Morning Tiffin – Luchi, Vegetables, Tea,
At noon snacks – fish fry or veg,
1:30 PM Lunch – rice, dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Crab Curry, Fish, Or veg Pannier, Salad, Chutney, Papad, Salad,

Terms & Condition

  1. No smoking and no drinking alcohol on the houseboat without the permission of the tour manager.
  2. We do not have any insurance policy for our tourists.
  3. If you are lucky, after you will see the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.
  4. All the money for the tour must be paid to the tour manager before the tour starts.
  5. No plastic products can be thrown in the river or in the forest.
  6. The car and boat selections may change during this tour.
  7. The amount of the package may change during the festive season.

Child Policy

  1.  4 to 7 year olds have to pay half amount
  2. People between the ages of 8 to 60 years have to pay in full amount.
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