2-Nights 3-Days Tour Programme In Sundarbans

Are you looking for a perfect tour package to Sundarban? Look no further than the Sundarban Tour 2 Night 3 Days Package! This amazing package is designed to provide tourists with an opportunity to explore the mangrove forests and wildlife sanctuary of Sundarban. It’s a perfect blend of sightseeing, adventure, and relaxation. The Sundarban Tour 2 Night 3 Days Package cost includes all accommodation, meals, transportation and guide services.

Sundarban tour 3-days 2-night

Sundarban Tour 2 Nights, 3 Days, Low Budget to Premium Budget

#1. Tour of the Sundarbans (2 nights/3 days) The lowest Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days package cost per person starts at Rs. 4000 from Canning and Rs. 5500 from Kolkata, and this package includes a standard hotel, a boat for Sundarbans sightseeing, full meals, a government permit to enter the Sundarbans jungle, a trained guide, and local transportation from Canning Railway Station or Kolkata.
 #2. The standard Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days price ranges from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 8500 per person and includes: a 3-star hotel with AC, AC transportation from Kolkata, a boat for Sundarbans sightseeing, full meals, government permission to enter Sundarbans forest, a trained guide, and a jhumor dance at night in the hotel.
#3. The Sundarbans 2-Night, 3-Day Luxury Tour Package costs between Rs. 10,500 and Rs. 17,500 per person and includes the following: A 5-star AC hotel with a swimming pool, free WiFi, air-conditioned transportation from Kolkata, a Sundarban sightseeing boat, a full buffet system of food, government permission to enter the Sundarban forest, a trained guide, and a Jhumor dance at night at the hotel are all included.

Why should you choose the Sundarbans 2 Nights/3 Days Tour?

The reason is very simple, this three-day tour gives you the best opportunity to enjoy the Sundarbans, and this tour may be the best travel story of your life because the Sundarbans begin with rivers and jungles and the mysterious beasts hidden in these forests. Due to the longer travel time, we can reach those parts of the jungle from where we can easily and closely observe the wild animals that live in the Sundarbans. After completing the jungle tour, when we come back to the hotel for rest, there are also dances and songs arranged so that the customers can spend these three days happily. The main attractions of our three-day tour are the village sightseeing, jungle sightseeing, boat tour, tribal dance, baul music, campfire,

Tour Facility

All meals are as per taste; a car will be provided from Canning or Kolkata; a boat for the Sundarban jungle tour; a hotel room with AC or non-AC; a Jhumur dance; government permission; and a government guide who will inform us about the Sundarbans.

Complete Travel Information 


7:42 AM: You have to come to Canning by local train from Sealdah, and it will take 1 hour, 10 minutes.
9:00 AM: In Canning, you will meet our tour manager, and from here you will be taken to Gadkhali boat ghat by local means of transport. If a tourist believes that he or she will arrive by car, he or she can drive up to the Gadkhali boat ghat.
10:00 a.m. Our tour packages will start by boat.
11:00 a.m. After boating for about two hours, we will reach Gosaba and visit the bungalows of Rabindranath Tagore and Mr. Hamilton Saheb on foot.
12 p.m. to 2 p.m. We will visit small villages in the Sundarbans and try to learn about the livelihoods, local customs, and beliefs of the people who live here.
2 p.m. to 5 p.m. We will look for mudfish and small red crabs. They are very small, and they make small holes for themselves in the muddy ground. Whenever a tourist passes in front of them, they enter the hole. And before sunset, we will leave for the hotel.
7:00 PM: An adventure evening with local folk musicians in the hotel.
10:00 p.m. Dinner will be served to tourists in the hotel dining hall, and the rest of the day’s food will be given to the tourists on the houseboat.

DAY – 2

6:30 AM: Tea biscuits will be provided in each tourist’s hotel room. And they will be asked to leave the hotel room by 7 a.m. and reach the houseboat.
7:00 AM: We will collect permission from the forest department to enter the deep Sundarban forest with a government tour guide.
7:30 to 4:00 pm: This boat trip will continue until before the sunset. And during this tour, we will complete three watchtowers like Sajhnekhali, Sudhannyakhali, and Do-banki, along with some small river channels like Pirkhali Gajikhali and Bonobibi Vharani. And through all these Sundarban sight scenes, we can see different species of birds, a spotted deer, a crocodile, a monitor lizard, and, if you are lucky, a royal Bengal tiger.
4:30 PM: We will try to watch the sunset along the middle of the river.
5:30 p.m.: We will return to our hotel room.
7:00 p.m.: If tourists like it, roast chickens or fish over a campfire and eat them.
9:30 p.m. We offer a scandalous dinner for the tourists to have a better time in this pocket-friendly tour package.

DAY – 3

This is our last day of the 2-night, 3-day friendly tour package in Sundarban. Therefore, we will try to get out of the hotel as soon as possible. And we will travel again to the Sundarban with the permission of the Forest Department. And on this last day in the Sundarbans, we will visit Pacchamukhani (the Five Rivers Junction) and Jharkhali, which are known as the Tiger Project.

What are the chances of seeing wild animals on a 3-day trip to the sundarban?

This 3-day tour has the highest chance of seeing wild animals as we can go deep into the jungle on this long tour, where there are many opportunities to see tigers, deer, wild boars, different species of fish, and birds. The rest depends on your luck.

Food list for 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1
Tiffin: Luchi, Alur Dum, and Sweet
Lunch: Rice, dal, fries, veg-curry, Rui Fish Curry (1 piece), Prawn  Curry, chutney, papad
Tiffin, Chowmin, and Tea
Dinner: Jeera Rice, Alurdam, Morton Kasha, Salad 
Tiffin-Luchi, Chana Masala, Sweet,
At Noon:  Amudi Fish Fry with Coffee
Lunch: Rice, Dal, Fried, Veg-Curry, Vetki Fish Curry 1 Piece, Vola Fish Curry 1 Piece, Chutney, Papad
Tiffin: Chicken Pakora, Coffee
Dinner: Fried Rice, Alur-Dum, Chicken Kassa, Salad
 Day 3
Tiffin, Luchi, Dal, and Egg
At Noon:  Prawn Pakoda, Coffee
Lunch: rice, dal, fries, katla (1 piece), chicken curry, chutney, papad.


  1. No smoking and no drinking alcohol on the houseboat without the permission of the tour manager.
  2. We do not have any insurance policy for our tourists.
  3. If you are lucky, you will see the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.
  4. All the money for the tour must be paid to the tour manager before the tour starts.
  5. No plastic products can be thrown in the river or in the forest.
  6. The car and boat selections may change during this tour.
  7. The amount of the package may change during the holiday season.


4 to 7-year-olds have to pay half the amount.

Upcoming 2N/3D Trip to Sundarban 2024

Date Of Tour – 5th To 7th, 12th To 14th, 19th To 21st, 26th To 28th

The Holiday in May – 14th Makar Sankranti, 17th Guru Govind Singh Jayanti, 23rd Subhas Chandra Bose Birthday,26th Republic Day

Date Of Tour  – 2nd To 4th, 9th To 11th, 16th To 18th, 23rd To 25th.

The Holiday in February – 14th Vasant Panchami, 19th Shivaji Jayanti, 24th Guru Ravidas Jyanti.

Date Of Tour – 1st To 3rd, 8th To 10th, 15th To 17th, 22nd To 24th,  23rd to 25th, 29th To 31st.

The Holiday in March – 8th Maha Shivratri, 12th Ramadan Start, 25th Holi, 29th Good Friday.

Date Of Tour : 5th To 7th, 12th To 14th, 19th To 21st, 18th To 20th, 26th To 28th,

The Holiday in April – 11th Ramjan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar

Date Of Tour : 3rd To 5th, 10th To 12th, 17th To 19th, 24th To 26th, 31st To 2nd June.

The Holiday in May – 8th Birthday of Rabindranath, 23rd Buddha Purnima

Date Of Tour : 7th To 9th, 14th To 16th, 21st To 23rd, 28th To 30th.

The Holiday in June –  17th Bakrid/Eid-ul-Adha

Date Of Tour : 5th To 7th, 12th To 14th, 19th To 21st, 26th To 28th.

The Holiday in July –  7th Rath Yatra, 17thMuharram.

Date Of Tour : 2nd To 4th, 9th To 11th, 16th To 18th, 23rd To 25th, 30th To 1st Septembar.

The Holiday in – 15th Independence Day, 19th Raksha Bandhan, 26th Janmasthami,

Date Of Tour – 6th To 8th | 13th To 15th | 20th To 22nd | 27th To 29th |

The Holiday in Septembar – 7th Ganesh Puja, 17th Biswakarma puja,

Date of Tour – 4th To 6th | 11th To 13th | 18th To 20th | 25th To 27th |

The Holiday in October – 2nd Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, 9th First Day of Durga Puja, 10th Maha Saptami, 11th Maha Ashtami/ Maha Navami, 12th Dussehra, 16th Laxmi Puja, 31st Diwali.

Date of Tour – 1st To 3rd | 8th To 10th | 15th To 17th | 22nd To 24th | 29th To 1st December

The Holiday in November – 3rd Bhai Duj, 7th Chhat Puja, 10th Jagadhatri Puja, 15th Guru Nanak Jayanti, 16th Kartik Puja,

Date of Tour – 6th To 8th | 13th To 15th | 20th To 22nd | 23rd To 25th | 26th To 28th, 29th To 31st.

The Holiday in December – 25th Christmas


Is 3 days 2 nights enough for Sundarban?

Yes, 3 days and 2 nights are the best time to visit the Sundarbans. If you really want to travel to the Sundarbans, then you should definitely choose this 3-day, 2-night tour. This will allow you to go deeper into the Sundarbans, where you will get more opportunities to see wild animals, spend more time with your family, and enjoy the Sundarbans.

What will be included in your tour price?

Your price includes a trained tour guide who will acquaint you with the Sundarbans, overnight accommodation, full meals, a boat to explore the Sundarbans, government permission to enter the jungle, an evening dance, and baul singing.

What will not be included in your tour price?

The price does not include your flight ticket from your destination, any meals or activities not mentioned in our list, travel insurance,

How many spots can you visit in 3 days?

You can travel to around 10 to 12 places. Like Gasaba, Hamilton Saheb’s Bungalow, Rabindranath Tagore’s Bungalow, Pakhir Jangal, Pakhiraloi, Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhnyakhali Watch Tower, Pirkhali, Banbibi Bharani, Dobanki Watch Tower, and Jharkhali Tiger Project.

Is there an age requirement for this tour?

There is no age requirement for this tour.

What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?

Refund policy is as follows: Deposit canceled within 30 – 40 days of tour start date: 100% refund of balance amount.  Cancellation 20 – 29 days prior to tour start date: 30% refund of balance amount.  Cancellation 15 – 19 days prior to tour start date: 0% refund of balance amount.

Can I contact you if you have any questions after the travel booking?

Of course! Our email is sunderbankolkata@gmail.com  Mobile number is 9679641040

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