1-nights 2-days tour programme in Sundarbans

Very easily we offer this tour to the customers,  So contact our expert tour planner today without delay, and you can book the 1-night and 2-days tour programme with us.

Transportation – We Offers 3 Pick-Up Points

1. From Canning

Do you live in Kolkata or any other city from here? You have to come to Sealdah Railway Station. This is the most famous railway station in Kolkata. From here tourists have to reach Canning railway station by Canning Local Train, which will take 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is where tourists will meet our tour manager, and from here the tourists will be taken to Sonakhali about 19 kilometers away by auto. Then tourists will start this 1-night, 2-days tour package by river way through the houseboat.

2. Form Kolkata City Or Airport

Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport is the nearest airport in Sundarban. From here tourists have to come to Sealdah rail station, then from Sealdah tourist have to come by local train to Canning railway station. This is where tourists will meet our tour manager, and from here tourists will be taken to Sonakhali about 19 kilometers away by auto. Then tourists will start this 1-night  2-days tour programme in Sundarbans  by river way through the houseboat.

PLEASE NOTE: The tourists think that they can reach the Sundarban starting point by car. For this, the tourists have to pay the transport cost separately.

3. From Gadkhali

If you want to come by road. Then you can drive up to Gadkhali and from there your travel package will start by water way via a houseboat.

Completed Travel Route

The tourists start Tours from Gadkhali boat ghat at 10:30 AM.
10:30 AM – Breakfast 
12:00 PM – The tourists will land at Gosaba and see Rabindranath Tagore’s bungalow & Mr. Hamilton’s bungalow.
12:30 PM – small snacks
2:00 PM – Lunch
2:30 PM – tourists will watch Sajnekhali sight, and while visiting this sundarban forest sight throughout the day, tourists can see animals like crocodile, water monitors, spotted deer, and a variety of birds, and if you are lucky, then maybe you will see the Royal Bengal Tiger.
3:00 PM – Food 
3:30 PM – Tourists will see Bird Forest 
4:30 PM – Tourists will see the beautiful sunset of this forest.
5:00 PM – Tourists will visit Dayapur or Pakhiralay, and all the tourists will spend the night stay at this hotel through the tourist choice hotel rooms 
6:30 PM – Evening sacks with folk dance
9:30 – time for dinner.

6:00 AM – Bed tea
6:30 AM – checkout from hotel rooms
7:30 AM – start the 2nd-day tour with a government guide
8:30 AM – visit Sajhnekhali Watch Tower (Crocodile project)
9:00 AM – time for breakfast
9:30 AM – to 11:30 PM – sightseeing through a small island like Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Chora gachi, Bon bibi Varani, 
12:00 PM – time for snacks
12:15 PM – will visit Sudhannyakhali Watch Tower, and tourists will have a chance to see the wildlife through this watch tower.
1:30 PM – Lunch
2:30 PM – Tourists will visit the best point of Sundarban, this is called Do-Banki. The 850-meter canopy walk is surrounded by nets on both sides, and tourists will have the best chance to see the wildlife through this Do-Banki watch tower 
3:00 PM – Food,
4:00 PM – Snacks
5:00 PM – tour package is end 
7:30 – Every tourist will reach Kolkata.

Complete Food Menu

10:00 AM Breakfast: bread, butter with sauce, sweet, banana, 1 piece, tea.
12:00 PM Snacks: fish fry Or Potato fry, coffee,
1:30 PM Lunch: Rice, Veg Dal, Fried eggplant, Vegetables, Fish Curry or Chicken Curry, Papad, Chatni, Salad,
3:00 PM Food: Coconut Water 1 piece
4:00 PM – Tea & biscuits
6:30 PM – Egg Chow mine & tea
10:00 PM – Fried Rice, Chicken Curry, Salad,

6:00 AM – Bed Tea & Biscuits
9:00 AM Breakfast – Luchu, Channa Masala, Boiled Egg,
12:00 PM Snacks – Potato fry with sauce,
2:00 PM Lunch – Rice, Veg Dal, Chips, Veg Curry, Fish Curry Or Pron Curry, Salad, Chatni, Papad
3:00 PM Food – Orange 1 Piece
4:00 PM Snacks – coffee & biscuit.

Including trip

  1. Complete meals
  2. boat
  3. Transportation
  4. Fores Permission
  5. Forest Guide
  6. Hotel Room
  7. Folks Dance

terms & conditions

  1. All the money for the tour must be paid to the tour manager before the tour start
  2. We do not have any insurance policy for our tourist
  3. Car and boat selections may change during this tour
  4. No plastic products can be thrown in the river or in the forest
  5. If you are lucky you eill see Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat
  6. The amount of the package may change during the festive season
  7. No smoking and no drinking alcohol on the houseboat without the permission of the tour manager

Child Policy

  1.  4 to 7 year olds have to pay half amount
  2. People between the ages of 8 to 60 years have to pay in full amount.
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