Sundarban Tour Package – A Ideal Travel Destination

The best travel option near Kolkata is the Sundarban tour package. Formed by the three mighty rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna, the Sundarbans are a UNESCO world heritage tourist hotspot. Most likely, this is the most attractive and alluring place in the world. Beauty is everywhere. The emerald beauty of the mangrove forest, the abundant wildlife both on land and in water, and the vibrant atmosphere created by the forest, river, and mudflats will surely make you feel thrilled.
Intersected by an awesome network of tidal waterways, emerald islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests, water tunnels, and mudflats, the Sundarban tour package has many attractions to explore and adventurous activities to indulge in

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sundarban tour package

Sundarban Tour & Travels #1 Professional Tourism Guide For Sundarban

sundarban tour package

Are you a globetrotter, a nature lover, and an adventure seeker? Sundarban will be an ideal travel destination for you, and Maa Laxmi Travels is the best option for your travels in the Sundarban National Park.

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You’ll love your stay with Maa Laxmi Travels. We make sure of all your needs and your feedback is very important to us. I’m sure you’ll have a positive experience with us.

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Short To Long Travel Details For Sundarban National Park

2-Nights 3-Days

Three days and two nights are an ideal tour package in the Sundarbans. In this package, you can enjoy the real wildlife of Sundarban—the world-famous Royal Bengal tigers, crocodiles, wild birds, reptiles, mammals, and of course the mysterious mangroves. And if you face any problems booking on this tour package, call our expert travel guides. They will be happy to help you. Our tour planner will provide you with accurate information regarding Sundarbans trip planning.

1-Night, 2-Days

Our Sundarban Travel Plans are very wisely distributed between the 1-night, 2-day Sundarban Tour itinerary and the other Sundarban itinerary. People might think that Sundarban Tour and Travel will have a heavy effect on their wallets. However, an inexpensive trip can be planned within our Sundarban Package Tour. Click here for more details about the 2-Days, 1-Night trip to Sundarban.

Day Trip

As the Sundarbans are a part of the world’s largest delta and a solitary block of tidal, halophytic mangrove forests in the world, covering them in a day is tough enough. You get tired after the tour because you have to cover all the itineraries and points of interest in a short amount of time. To ensure you the best experience in a single day, our Sundarban tour operators carefully plan your Sundarban tour with a premeditated route map.

Best And Cheapest Price For A Complete Trip To Sundarban

Keeping a close eye on the demands and requirements of different types of tourists like vacation spenders, wanderers, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and mere travelers, we have created our best and most affordable Sundarban tour package price. These will include your meals, lodging costs, travel fairs, itinerary charges, and entry fees for the places and attractions prevailing there.

  1. Cost for 3-Days, 2-Nights, From Canning – Rs. 4000 Per Head.
  2. Price for 3-Days 2-Nights, From Kolkata – Rs. 5500 Per Head.
  3. Cost for 2-Days and 1-Nights, From Canning – Rs. 3000 Per Person.
  4. Price for 2-Days and 1-Nights, From Kolkata – Rs. 3700 Per Person.

These are the cheapest travel prices. If you want to see the travel prices for the standard and luxury or deluxe categories, then you can click here. How much does a trip to Sundarban cost?

Sundarban Special Tour Package

Sundarban Tour for couple:

Sundarbans is the ideal destination for a honeymoon trip because it represents a wonderful time spent with loved ones.

Here you can spend time with your life partner in privacy and have proper arrangements for enjoyment, like river cruises.

Also this is the best chance to see wild animals through a jungle visit, scandalous dinners, the best AC rooms to relax, nightly dances, and music organised at the hotel.

Sundarban Luxury Tour Package:

The best Sundarbans package means luxury tours, which are made for a luxurious and memorable travel experience that is important for every person to remember, and we are your best choice for this luxury travel.

Now, why we are best for your Sundarban luxury tour package: We will provide AC transportation from your home or hotel. We will serve you the type of food you want on the food menu, a luxury hotel room for an overnight stay, the best boat with dance music and entertainment.

How to Book Your Trip with Us?

The Sundarban tour booking process is quite easy on our website. You will get to see a plethora of options to choose from. You just need to choose one or request a custom offer, mentioning your specific needs. Besides, you can reach us over the telephone or via email if you have a query about the Sundarbans. Our professional tour organisers will get back to you.

There are different transport facilities available to reach Sundarban from Kolkata. You can choose any one of these according to your choice or convenience.

Local Tour Experience
Passionate Tour Guide
Transportation Facility Available
By Air

The nearest airport to take a trip to Sundarban is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, located in Kolkata. If you come from other states of India by train, you need to get down at Sealdah or Howrah station. If you get down at Howrah station, you need to come to Sealdah station to take trains leaving for Canning station. Besides, you can reach Esplanade (Dharmatala) to get direct buses from Kolkata to the Sundarbans.

By Car

Surface transportation is another very good option for a Sundarban trip from Kolkata. Kolkata is connected well with Sundarbans by different roadways.
The embarkation points for different roadways from Kolkata are Canning (64 km), Raidighi (76 km), Najat (92 km), Sonakhali (100 km), and Namkhana (105 km).

By train

The nearest railhead or railway station to reach Sundarban is Canning, which is only 48 km away from Sunderban National Park. Many local trains from Sealdah (in the south) are coming to Canning at regular intervals. You can take local shared vans, reserved vans, or buses to reach Godhkhali Jetty, the gateway to entering the Sundarban rainforest by boat.
If you love to travel by bus from Canning, you can take buses running to Namkhana, Raidighi, Sonakhali, and Najat.

By Water

Riverine transportations from the abovementioned embarkation points are available to get into the Sundarbans, the most beautiful part of the world’s largest delta, which is formed by the three mighty rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna.

Experience Once in a lifetime Scenic Beauty

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Sundarban tour package from kolkata

Guide For The New Customer

If you come to Kolkata for the first time and know nothing about the city, you need an expert tour guide from a local Sundarban tour operator to complete your excursion. We serve this purpose.  Our travel agency has created affordable Sundarban tour packages to make your trip hassle-free, successful, and memorable.

Why Choose Us For Your Trip

Best in Class Tour with Locals

We are a local tour operator in Sundarban.

The Best in Class Experience

We have over 15 years of experience as a Sundarban tour organiser in collaboration with reputable Sundarban tour booking agencies.

Customised Packages on Request

We are open to meeting your customised needs. You can request that we make a customised Sundarban tour package to explore this sought-after travel destination in your way.

Ultimate Professionalism

We offer a professional guide for the Sundarban trip from Kolkata.

Variety of Tours

We have a wide variety of Sundarban tour packages available at the most reasonable rates to meet almost all types of specific needs.

Dedicated Customer Support

We have professional guides and a dedicated customer support team to get in touch with you.

Sundarban The Beautiful Natural Forest Tour

After discerning the different needs and demands of a wanderer, a nature lover, an adventure seeker, and a mere traveller, we have created a wide array of Sundarban tour packages from Kolkata. Our paramount interest is to value different types of tourists and meet their specific needs through our customer-centric Sundarban package tours.

Our packages have been designed to ensure a smooth and unforgettable Sundarban trip for each tourist on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget.

Travelers can choose these as per their budgets, needs, and conveniences. Extra service requests, excluding our Sundarban tourism package, are always chargeable.

Don’t Miss out Sundarbans…

Sundarban tourism package

“Dreaming and waking, on land and on water, I wandered, lost, in a landscape peopled with gods and animals unseen, a character in a story told in a language I could not understand.”

Sy Montgomery, Spell of the Tiger: The Man-Eaters of Sundarbans

How Can I Plan My Sundarban Trip?

If you come to Kolkata for the first time and know nothing about the city, you need an expert tour guide.
Don’t worry; we will tell you exactly what you need to do to book this trip in a very easy way. First of all, you come to the south section of Sealda station in Kolkata, and from there you have to catch a train that will reach you at Canning station, and whenever you get out of Canning station, there are many Sundarbans travel company travel offices. You will find any office you go to and talk to, and you will get your Sundarbans trip like this.
from a local Sundarban tour operator to complete your excursion. We serve this purpose. Our travel agency has created affordable Sundarban tour packages to make your trip hassle-free, successful, and memorable.

Our Story is run by Maa Laxmi Travels, a reputable travel agency. Since the time of our inception in the industry, our quest has been to raise the bar of excellence in the industry, ensuring the best travel experiences. We always try to provide our tourists with the best Sundarban holiday tour packages at the most reasonable rates. We offer different types of West Bengal Sundarban tour packages and organise custom packages as per the visitors’ needs and demands.

We are the best Sundarban trip planner and travel guide. We provide group tours, private boat tours, luxury tour packages, family tours, honeymoon tours, solo trips, boat trips, and hotel bookings for sundarban visitors. These custom Sundarban tourism packages are available on request at very cheap prices.

Top 14 visiting points/ Activities and places of attractions in Sundarbans

Spend time at the beautiful port of Godkhali

The first place that you need to visit is the Godkhali port. At the port, you can easily rejuvenate yourself with the cool air blowing in the surroundings. The best way to explore the forest of the Sundarbans is by boat. So after getting revitalized, you can proceed to the Sundarban boat booking.

Stop at the Hamilton Bungalow

A major tourist attraction is the Hamilton Bungalow. The bungalow is the place where Sir Hamilton, the father of Sunderbans, lived in Gosaba. Thus, it is a must-visit place for any person who wants a beautiful stay at Sundarban. Once at the place, you will be mesmerized to see the beauty of the bungalow, and because of this, it will stay in your mind forever.

Enjoy the serenity of Gosaba Forest

Sundarban is known all over the world for its majestic mangrove forest. One of the best places to visit as a part of the Sundarban package tour is the Gosaba forest. For nature lovers, this forest is a dreamland as you can find several types of flora and fauna in the forest.

Enjoy bird watching at the National Park

Every year, many tourists come to the national park to watch several types of wild birds during the Sundarban boat trip. However, sometimes, tourists are not entirely happy with this. They feel they have not managed to see enough birds during the tour. In such instances, they can certainly visit the National Park.

Enjoy the stay at Pakhiralay

After a daylong affair in Sundarban, you can enjoy a stay at Pakhirlay. The place contains numerous hotels to let you relax here in your desired ways. The place offers an amazing view of sunrise and sunset. It’s an awesome experience- the overwhelming beauty of the sun dipping into wine red water or coming out of it. Make sure you have a stay at Pakhiralay at your Sundarban tourism package.

After relaxing to the heart’s content, you can have a look at the nearby areas. If you want you can also watch the activities of the local people in the area during the Sundarban package tour.

View the crocodiles from the top of the Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Sundarban is famous for its wide range of crocodiles. There is an attraction among the tourists to watch these crocodiles from the top of the Sajnekhali Watch Tower. Check whether your organizer includes this in your Sundarban tour packages. The tallest watchtower of Sundarban is present in Sajnekhali. It allows you to have this luxury. The sight of these crocodiles will make you happy.

Embrace the spirituality of the Bon Bibi Vharni

Bon Bibi is the Goddess of the forest. The people of this region have a lot of respect for the Goddess. You can see symbols of this deity wherever you traverse as part of Sundarban tourism.

Suck the beauty of nature through the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

The Sunderbans offer a brilliant opportunity for tourists to enjoy nature, flora, and fauna. The main reason for building this watchtower is to allow the tourists to have a wide range of views during the Sundarban tour. This will allow tourists to have a good look at the birds, animals, and plants that are present in the area.

Have a view of the wildlife from Dobanki Watch Tower

You can have a view of the wildlife from another watchtower named Dobanki Watch Tower. Use it to enjoy wildlife. You can use the Canopy Walk to have a leisurely time as well. From this place, you will be able to view a pond. In case you are lucky, you can see animals like Chital deer and tigers. Include it in your Sundarban travel package. You can also have a beautiful view of different types of birds fishing in the pond.

Experience the town of Bagnan

The presence of the best tour operators for Sundarban at your disposal guarantees that you enjoy every part of the tour. As part of the best Sundarban tourism package, you will also be taken to Bagnan, a town that is quite close to Bangladesh. A part of the trip involves travelling on water. By now you have already had an idea of the Sundarban boat price, so this would not be a problem.

Travel through the town of Burirdubri

Burirdubri is a place that is extremely close to the Bangladeshi border. During Sundarban sightseeing, you will find that. Being closer to the border, it has a few similarities with Bangladesh. The place is quite famous for its watchtowers, mangroves, and mud walk. If you are lucky, you can view organisms like crabs, snails, etc, while partaking in the mud walk. During the trip with Sundarban travel agency, you can also view the Bangladeshi part of the Sunderbans.

Enjoy the mangroves at Sarak Khali

You will also be taken to Sarak Khali as part of the Sunderban package. You can enjoy the beauty of halophytic mangrove forests in the region from very close quarters. In addition to this, you may also be able to view different types of flora and fauna in the region.

Visit the beautiful land of Gajikhali

Gajikhali is a beautiful part of this mangrove forest. you can view it during the Sundarban trip. The place is known for its natural beauty and is visited by several tourists from all over the world. In case you are lucky, you can also view different types of birds while travelling.

Take part in the local folk dance

The life of people nowadays is extremely fast. It is almost impossible for people to learn about folk dance. Sundarban tour operators can organize plenty of opportunities for you to learn about folk dance in the area. You may even be able to join them if they allow you to do so.

Why choose our tourism packages?

Our Sundarban travel agency has been serving customers happily for over 15 years. They are very happy and satisfied with our services, including our Sundarban tour packages. This is why the reviews have been overwhelming. However, we would still like to talk about our services, as we work hard to render our best. Sundarban is like a craving for those who love to travel into the wilds. The scenic beauty around the delta region is mesmerizing. There are many reasons you must come on a Sundarban boat trip with us.

Go through the following to know why:

#1 Customer Base:

We have a long list of satisfied customers who have used our Sundarban travel packages. Our best reward is the satisfaction and happiness of our esteemed tourists. Once you consume our services, you will know about the services that we provide. You can reserve your spot as soon as possible by making a simple phone call or sending an email.

#2 Cozy Stay:

We will assist you in making reservations at the best hotels or resorts based on your preferences.You can choose from both AC and non-AC rooms. Our tour manager will be there to guide you at any time. The rooms are well maintained and have all modern amenities. 

#3 Delicious Dishes:

The food items that are listed on our Sundarban trip plan are made with proper care and hygiene. They include local flavours and are simply lip-smacking. Your safety is our promise and commitment. There will be no food hazards in our Sundarban tour packages, no matter whether you stay at the hotel or travel by boat. 

#4 A Completely Memorable Trip:

Our Sundarban tourism package details will help you get a detailed overview of the entire Sundarban trip. Our tour manager will help you throughout the trip. We provide the best Sundarban sightseeing at hotspots like Hamilton Bungalow, Gosaba Forest, Gadhkahli, and many more. You have an intense view of the tidal, halophytic mangrove forests. We take you to some of the famous animal reserves over there. 

#5 An Amazing Team and Staff:

It is our pride that we are supported by an awesome team of staff who are always at your service. The Sundarban packages that we offer also happen to be some of the best in the country. The affordable package cost will let everyone have a great time on the trip. You will not feel a pinch in your pocket while on our Sundarban package tour by cruise.

Frequently asked questions on Sundarban trip

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