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A trip to the Sundarbans can be a very good idea, as it is one of the largest mangroves in the world. Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, too. Tourists from various far-off places visit this natural habitat, famous for tigers and crocodiles. If you are looking for an enjoyable trip to Sundarban, it can be a good idea to choose a Sundarban tour agency for the best tour packages.

Most of these tour operators have fixed packages comprising day trips, one-night trips and two-night trips. You can stay in a boat for the entire duration of your trip, or divide the boarding with a hotel stay and a boat stay. If you are from Kolkata or its adjoining areas, your pick-up location will be either the city or Canning. However, many tour operators also have Science City as a pick-up point.

You can decide the trip duration, depending on whether you are comfortable with a quick trip which can be rushed, or a relaxed two- or three-day trip. There are quite a few Sundarban tour operators in canning as well.

Most tourists look for cheap travel and tour operators, often leading to a compromised holiday with sub-standard stay and touring options. That is why, you should choose from two of the best Sundarbans tour operators mentioned below.

The Best Sundarban Tour Agency In Kolkata That You Can Book

1. Sundarban Tour Package

If you are looking for a great Sundarban trip, you should book a trip package from Sundarban Tour Package. We have been organising such trips for years and provided memorable Sundarban trips to thousands of visitors. You can book trips of different duration, at affordable rates.

You must start early in the morning, to cover the mangroves and return by night for one-day trips. You can get the opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of the mangroves if you choose to stay for a longer period.

You can always call on the Sundarban travel agency contact number, to find out more about the available options. The trips cost approximately Rs. 3,000/- per person onwards, depending on where you are starting from and for how long. You can also choose from basic tour packages, luxury tour packages, and couple tour packages.

2. Maa Laxmi Travels

This is another excellent travel agency, which conducts Sundarbans trips. Get packages to suit your various needs. You will be able to get a pick-up and drop-off from and to Kolkata or Canning, along with comfortable accommodation and tasty food. You can avail yourself of both land-based and water-based Sundarbans stay. The permit cost is also included in the trip cost.

Go for either a day trip, a one-night one, or a two-night package. You can book both AC as well as non-AC vehicles for the trip. Get a reliable guide as well, who will show you around responsibly. Maa Laxmi Travels has been conducting such trips for more than a decade, so you can trust them. Choose from a wide range of packages like couple packages and family ones. Additionally, this travel agency can also offer you a trip starting from Durgapur.

These are among the top Sundarban tour operators in canning. You must choose a travel and tour operator after considering a few more factors. You can find the details below.

How To Assess The Sundarban Tour Agency?

  • You can ask the travel agency about the Sundarbans. Well-experienced tour operators have a good idea of the area. You will get to know minute details that are not available on websites or the internet.
  • You can also check out the reviews on their websites or Google. The best Sundarban tour agency will have them online. Many tourists give their honest opinion, which is important for the other tourists to read before embarking on a journey.
  • You can also have a conversation with the travel and tour operators over the phone. Additionally, you can send an e-mail to check how fast they respond to online queries. Their response rate can give you a fair idea of how professional they are.
  • Ask about the type of vehicle you will get for the trip, based on whether you are choosing AC or non-AC, and the number of passengers. Some operators often arrive with smaller vehicles to pick up more passengers, than what the vehicle can accommodate. So, you have got to take all the written details over an email.
  • You should always ask for a breakup of the various charges, mentioned in the trip package. Professional tour operators like the ones mentioned above will give you a valid explanation for everything mentioned in the itinerary.
  • The sightseeing itinerary is also important, so you should ask for the complete details according to the trip package that you will be choosing. The inclusions will be different in the day trip, one-night trip, and the two-night trip.

You must take into consideration the above factors before you book a Sundarbans tour package.

Here are a few snippets about the itinerary.

Sundarban Tour and Travels Itinerary

You will be travelling by boat and get meals served on board. You can also get the opportunity to spot crocodiles, water monitors, deer, and different varieties of birds. You can also spot a tiger, swimming through the water. The three watchtowers, Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki are also included in the trip package.

If you choose the one-night two days package, there will be more in store for you. You will be staying in an accommodation pre-booked for you, near the Tiger Reserve. A knowledgeable guide will tell you about the jungle and its inhabitants. In the evening, you can also witness live folk dance. On the next day, you will cover the creeks and islands that are a part of mangroves, on a boat. You can also join the canopy walk at Do-Banki.

In case, you book the three-day trip, you can enjoy various add-ons like a trip to the local villages, and a visit to Hamilton’s Bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore’s Bungalow.

Keep the above in mind, while looking for the top Sundarban tour and travels for your trip.

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