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Sundarban tour and travel offers many tour activities for our tourists like boat safai, folk dance, bird watching, bono bibi jatra pala, campfire. And all these activities associated with your tour plan for which you do not have to pay any money separately. And our company is offering a cheap tour package with these whole activities. You can book your package tour with us. Call at 9679641040 for our expert trip planner.

Boat Safari

The only way to make this tours is by boat safari, this is a very pleasant trip for our travelers. Through this Sundarban boat safari you will be able to see the natural beauty that fascinates you, and the wind full of this natural beauty will keep your healthy and fresh body. Through this Sundarban boat tour the tourist can take the best photos. The boat safari will give you the opportunity to see the wildlife of the Sundarban forest. The boat has enough food and drinking water so that tourists do not have any problems.

Folk Dance

The local folk dance is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial, which makes our Sundarban tourists very attractive. The tourists are very happy through this folk dance, and it is a memorable time for every tourist. Some indigenous women play the role of this folk dance. If the tourists come to visit the tours, and they don’t see this local folk dance, then they will miss a big part of the tour packages.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a big part of the Sundarbans. thousands of tourists come every year to watch the birds in these sundarbans. Bird watching is a very interesting and glorious job for everyone, there is no better opportunity to engage with birds and see them up close. When tourists have this opportunity, tourists definitely get involved with the birds. it will be one of the best memorable birding experiences for tourists.

Bonbibi Jatra Pala

The goddess of the forest is called Banbibi. people in the Sundarban forest worship the forest goddess before entering the forest. so that no person is in danger after entering the forest. So, forest goddess is very important to the people of the Sundarbans. and through this Bonbibi drama the travelers are informed about the forest goddess and listen to it with great pleasure.


Sundarban is a place of adventure. People come here with their family and friends to enjoy and have a good time. At night, if the campfire is lit, it’s a good thing for everyone to enjoy. The campfire is a thing to remember for a long time. Sundarban is the best for this. The stories, songs and joys are worth remembering.

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