Best Option To Reach Sundarbans From Kolkata

All set to pack your bags and go for a trip to Sundarban from Kolkata? We, as your travel guide, will let you know how to complete your trip from Kolkata to Sundarban. We will be briefing about what are the various ways of reaching Sundarban from Kolkata city.  After reading this article, if you have any problem reaching the Sundarbans from Kolkata, you can contact us at 9679641040, and we will surely help you properly.

Kolkata to Sundarban

Kolkata is popular for serving its magnificent architecture, vibrant culture, and festivals to visitors. If you are planning to see the Sundarbans and take Kolkata as your starting point, then you must know there are no direct means of transportation available as of now. But here comes the fun part!

You can travel by car, bus, or train to reach any of the following entry points into the Sundarban, and from there you can take a boat.

Entry PointDistance from KolkataTimingHow to reach Sundarban from here
Canning Rail Station45 km1 hour 20 minutesGo to Sonakhali by road and then take a boat to Sundarban
Sonakhali Launch Ghat74 km2 hours 33 minutesTake a boat to Sundarban
Gadkhali Ferry Ghat84 km2 hours 55 minutesTake a boat to Sundarban
Jharkhali102 km3 hours 30 minutesTake a boat to Sundarban

Nearest railway station to Sundarban in Kolkata

  • Sealdah
  • Howrah

Nearest Airport to Sundarban

  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport

Distance between Kolkata and Sundarban  

Kolkata to Sundarban distance is almost 130 km which is not huge though. However, the total time to complete the trip varies, depending on which mode of transport you are picking at your convenience. 

Boarding a train might take approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach Sundarban from Kolkata. If you are opting for roadways for your trip then it might take 3-4 hours to reach Sundarban from Kolkata. 

Let us move toward and discover how to reach Sundarbans from Kolkata. 

Kolkata To Sundarban By Train

If not a direct route then taking a stop at Sealdah junction will work. Sealdah junction is a railway station near Kolkata that can take you to Canning station which is closest to Sundarban. After reaching Canning junction you can take a private taxi or public transport to reach Sundarban which is almost 48 km away. 

Completing Kolkata to Sundarbans distance by train would be easier if you know about the available trains that can lead you to Sundarban from Kolkata. Here are some of the available trains from Sealdah junction to Canning junction with their schedules to present precise information to you. 

  • 34512 SDAH CG local daily that you can take from Sealdah station at 05:45 and reach Cunning station till 06:57. 
  • 34514 SDAH CG local daily from Sealdah station that runs at 06:30 and completes the distance to Canning station by 7:44. 
  • 34516 SDAH CG local daily starts at 07:42 from Sealdah and reaches Canning station around 08:56. 
  • 34518 SDAH CG local train you can take from Sealdah junction for the Canning station at 08:28 and get there by 09:44. 
  • 34532 SDAH CG local daily at Sealdah departs at 14:48 and arrives at the Canning station at 16:04. 
  • 34538 SDAH CG local daily goes from Sealdah junction at 17:08 to reach the Canning station at 18:25. 
  • 34552 SDAH CG from Sealdah station proceeds at 22:36 and reaches Canning station at 23:49. 

These are some Kolkata to Sundarbans train alternatives that you can consider to complete your trip to Sundarbans.

Note that these are standard timing of the trains. There are chances that these schedules may vary as per the situations of the railway station and other involved factors. 

Kolkata To Sundarban By Road

By Bus

Regarding the question of how to visit Sunderbans from Kolkata, we can consider possible bus alternatives as well. Despite the non-availability of direct buses from Kolkata to Sundarban, you can still get bus services from nearby places in Kolkata. For a starting point, you can go to Esplanade or Howrah to sit on the bus and reach places near Sundarban. Some of the places near Sundarban where you can stop are Sonakhali, Namkhana, Canning, Raidhigi and Najat. After that, you can also choose waterways to reach Sundarbans which will definitely be more adventurous and fun! 

For Kolkata to Sundarban bus services, you can opt for AC buses as well as non-AC ones. Make sure you go for the one that suits you the best! 

By Car

If you are someone who loves road trips then you should not miss the chance to complete your trip from Kolkata to Sundarban via car. You can go for rental cars or cab services from Kolkata city to Sundarban. Although Kolkata to Sundarban distance by car is only 130 km (approx) but you can also halt at nearby sightseeing places. 

Airline services in Kolkata 

Because of the limited mode of transport from Kolkata to Sundarban, airline services for this trip would not be possible. You will be amazed to know that Kolkata has five airports! Those who are landing at any of these airports (domestic and international) can further seek car, bus or train services from places near Kolkata city to successfully reach Sundarban. 

Hence, we can now say that your question ‘how to go Sundarbans from Kolkata’ has an answer. To get the best services possible to enhance your travelling experience do not forget to visit the website once. We would love to plan your trip and make it a permanent sweet memory to cherish forever! 


Q.1. What is the Sundarban to Kolkata distance by car? 

Approximately 130 km. However, if you are going to Kolkata from Sundarban via car then there are chances that you might take stops in between that might add more kilometres to the distance. A car trip from Sundarban to Kolkata nearly takes 4 hours. 

Q.2. What is the Kolkata to Sundarbans bus ticket price? 

It depends upon the bus you are going to choose for your trip. If you go for AC luxury buses then they will be quite pricey. Other buses might charge 50 to 100 rupees for a single side journey from Kolkata to Sundarban. 

Q.3. How to reach Sundarbans from Kolkata by road? 

Because there are no direct transportation services available from Kolkata to Sundarban, people have to choose various modes of transport for it from different places. Those who are keen to go on a road trip from Kolkata to Sundarban can opt for car or bus options. You can book a cab or have rental cars for it. If you have your car then you can drive by yourself. For bus services, you have to get them from nearby areas of Kolkata to the places near Sundarban (no direct bus available). After that, you can choose boats to reach Sundarban and further enjoy your trip. 

Q.4. What to see in Kolkata? 

You can visit various places in Kolkata including Dakshineswar Kali temple, Howrah bridge, Birla Mandir, Quest mall, the Indian museum, Victoria Memorial Hall, St, Paul’s cathedral and a lot more. Also do not forget to taste the authentic cuisines of Kolkata, and West Bengal to treat your taste buds. 

Q.5. Is visiting Sundarban worth it? 

Yes! For travel enthusiasts, Sundarban has to be there in their bucket list. You can go on a jungle safari during the night as well. Unlike other national parks, Sundarban permits night jungle safari for visitors. You can witness a wide variety of birds, crocodiles, fishes and other habitats of Sundarban. In this largest mangrove forest in the world, you will get a chance to get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger as

Q.6 How much is the car fare from Kolkata to Sundarban?

Car rental from Kolkata to Sundarbans: Dzire 4 seater car booking Rs. 6000 for both sides; Innova 7 seater car booking for both sides Rs. 7000; Tempu Traveller’s 13th seater car booking for both sides Rs. 13000/-

Q.7: How much is the train ticket fare from Kolkata to Sundarban?

The Kolkata-Sundarban National Park train ticket fare is just 15 rupees per head.

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